Chef - Author - Public Speaker

About Jacob


Jacob Bustos is a chef, cooking coach, and food enthusiast who has been in the food business for twenty-four years. Jacob, who has always been passionate about eating healthy, beat his battle with morbid obesity and has set out to make a positive impact on others.  His mission of food, family and fellowship in concert with healthy meal and food choices has served him well during his battle for health.  Now he goes a step further to share his real-world experiences and life changing story!

As a young man, Jacob began his career in the fast food business and earned various awards for great customer service throughout the years. He left the fast food business in 2002 and currently manages several fast-causal Panera Bread restaurants in the Southern California area.

Needing a drastic change, Jacob underwent a life-saving bariatric procedure in 2012 that began his 160-pound weight loss journey. He followed that up with a traumatic skin removal surgery in 2015 that nearly ended his life. During this traumatic event, he had a very private and personal experience with his Maker that affirmed his life purpose, "feed people with much healthier options."

Jacob has been featured for several public speaking engagements, created video content and recently released his first book for the sole purpose of coaching and sharing his insights about bariatric surgery, portion control and weight loss habits; his ability to take a regular food dish and create a healthier version have been in high demand.  Jacob resides in Southern California, outside of Los Angeles.