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When Food is Your Frenemy is Jacob's big debut... “What began as Jacob's journey to better health, is now his mission to help people find health and happiness."

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Chef - Author - Public Speaker

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"Wow, what a must read for anyone who wants a true lifestyle change.  For someone who would like to enjoy the benefit of healthy meals with the addition of weight loss. 
 Jacob’s story is an inspiration to those of us who live with the discomfort of added weight.  He takes you through his mental challenges and how food can become your frenemy. 
 The Bariatric Surgery, the amazing success of portion control and how critical and vital portion control is to maintain your lifestyle and weight.  What a great opportunity to have this wonderful book of knowledge and strength along with  many delicious recipes available to you right in your kitchen.  This will change your life in 152 pages.  Life changing book that is easy to read right at your fingerprints."

George Loy Leisher, Jr.
Human Resources Executive
Fifty Two years of Human Resources, Management Experience with Major Pharmaceutical Companies and Hospital Systems

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Portion Your Plate


In my latest book, I mention the importance of "portion control" and seek to help YOU understand how much a serving size of food is and how many calories is contained in a single serving of food.  In order for YOU to be successful in your weight-loss endeavor, "portion control" will be absolutely crucial to your victory! 

Jacob Bustos is a chef, cooking coach, and food enthusiast who has been in the food business for twenty-four plus years.  Jacob is passionate about eating healthy and has set out to make a positive impact after his own battles with morbid obesity. 

"In an age when we are bombarded with commercials advertising the best weight loss plan EVER, it's refreshing and encouraging to learn from someone who actually had the courage and determination to embark on a program that really works.  Jacob Bustos did just that.  While he freely admits -- indeed, stesses -- that bariatric surgery is not for everyone, he is living proof that healthy eating IS!  Who can resist the delicious and beautifully presented recipes in your book!

Jacob's journey was  not an easy one, but it certainly is an inspirational one well worth sharing.  So, Jacob, thank you for sharing and for making it your mission to get us all started on our own healthy diet journey.     I have the highest regard for you and applaud your noble effort."

-Linda Poepsel


"As I read through this incredible book it became clear to me that Jacob is an honest open person, an exceptional chef along with being part psychologist, teacher and a very caring entrepreneur.

His story is from his heart.  His detail regarding his decisions, what it was going to take for him to find his true self and the realization that he could change his situation and have a lifetime ahead of himself are incredibly inspiring. This all took his sheer determination!

Now onto the recipes included in his book!  A few of my favorites... Fresh Blueberry Pie, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, Veggie Kabobs.  
Jacob is a success story!  He is encouraging for all of us to be our own best, true selves.  Let the journey begin!"

-Deborah A Leisher